Individual solutions
Development & tool making

Project solutions and special constructions
Developing and constructing of tailor-made project solutions that were designed by our development department and implemented with the help of our tool makers are only some of INTECH's many competencies.

We have a wide range of reusable storage and shipping packaging for a variety of applications, but sometimes the shipping and warehouse environment has specific requirements. At this point our development and tool making experts will step in to help.

With more than ten years' experience in the production of reusable shipping packaging we are very familiar with the various industries and application areas and know what will make the difference when it comes to the development and construction of containers and pallets. All special constructions and project solutions are created in our in-house development department. This helps to keep the communication channels short and all work on the projects conclusive and goal oriented.

The first step
Through one-on-one conversations with the client, we establish an exact requirement profile of the shipping packaging. All product requirements are summarised in a specification-report.

Development and construction
Based on the specification-report, the product designer drafts an initial construction drawing. Detailed 3D drawings provide the client with an idea of what the product will look like and allow the client to track the development of the shipping packaging every step of the way.

From model to mould
INTECH prototyping quickly creates a model using a 3D printer. This process allows a first plastic model in short time.

For the serial production with injection moulding a new mould getting built, based on the technical drawings and optimised using mould flow analysis.

Other steel processing
Due to our comprehensive machinery, more and more projects in the field of metal processing are increasingly being taken over.
These include the sliding hooks for our industry focus on the food industry as well as for expanding the product range of hinges for the furniture industry.

Quality assurance and delivery
After the initial serial production, the new shipping packaging is put through a rigorous quality assurance process in the TÜV Hanover test laboratory.

Our aim is to develop the perfect solution together with our clients.

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